Clear Aligners - SPARK

Straight teeth without braces

SPARKTM is an orthodontic treatment alternative without the use of braces. Gently and discretely, SPARK straightens misaligned and gapped teeth and fixes other minor cosmetic dental problems through a series of custom-made, almost invisible aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place until reaching the desired position.

Benefits of SPARK Clear Aligners

  • comfortable, discrete and removable
  • no dietary restrictions as the retainer trays can be taken out so you can continue to brush and floss normally
  • easy to clean

From the start, your SPARK treatment makes it possible for you to view what your smile will look like. You no longer need to wonder what the end result will be – you can see it yourself. 

SPARK is suitable for both adults and teens, to address issues such as:

  • widely spaced teeth;
  • crowding;
  • overbite;
  • underbite and
  • crossbite.

Treatment time is comparable, or frequently shorter than treatment with traditional braces however the exact length of the treatment will vary from person to person, as each will have different needs.

Under the direct supervision of a dentist, removable aligners are another great option for treating orthodontic problems and to get the smile that you’ve always wanted.

Clear Aligners Orthodontics in Pointe-Claire West Island

During your consultation appointment, Dr. Mauricio Galvis, dentist in Pointe Claire, will discuss with you about your objectives, explain you how SPARK works and confirm if you are an appropriate candidate for this type of treatment.

If you are eligible and opt for SPARK clear aligners at Pointe Claire dental, you should get a complete orthodontic evaluation. A cephalometric x-ray and impressions of all your whole mouth are also required in order to obtain all the necessary details to create your personalized treatment plan.

The series of customized transparent aligners that you will worn throughout the course of your treatment will be created using digitized images and the impressions of your mouth within a computer assisted program.

You will have an appointment at our dental clinic in Pointe-Claire to receive your aligners and ensure they fit properly. All the necessary instructions will be provided to you and regular follow ups will be scheduled as part of your clear aligners treatment.

How does SPARK work?

Each new tray is manufactured so that your teeth are slightly straighter every time you get a new one.  You will wear each aligner tray all the time except when eating or brushing your teeth. Each set of aligners will be swapped out about every two weeks.

Each new aligner set progressively induces your teeth to the next movement phase towards the final intended alignment goal.

In some cases, when more complex movements are required, aligners alone are not enough to move the tooth into the ideal position. In those cases, special attachments may be needed. These are small tooth-colored shapes that are placed at specific locations to allow the aligners to grip the teeth as they are guiding them to their new locations.

Caring for your SPARK Clear Aligners

In addition to maintaining good oral hygiene habits of brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day to keep your teeth healthy and free of cavities and gum disease, following are tips to keep your SPARK aligners in pristine condition:

  • rinse them thoroughly under warm running water every time you take them out of your mouth
  • ideally, brush them gently every time you take them out and put them back
  • at a minimum, rinse them every night and brush them gently with your toothbrush – do not use toothpaste
  • avoid colored drinks and foods that can stain them, choose water as a drink of choice while wearing your aligners
  • only use clear soap, when necessary – scented or colored soap may stain your aligners

Ready to show off your best smile? Sign up for a SPARKTM clear aligners consultation at Pointe-Claire Dental.

SPARK is a registered trademark of Ormco Corporation.

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