Teeth Whitening

Achieving a bright, white smile is possible and simple through teeth whitening. 

What causes tooth staining?

A poor hygiene, the consumption of various substances over time, like juice, coffee, tea, dark cola, red wine or tobacco are some of the main contributing factors to teeth staining on the outer layer of the enamel.  

Trauma, exposure to high levels of fluoride in the water consumed regularly during childhood while the adult teeth are still forming, and the use of tetracycline antibiotics under the age of 8 or taken by the mother during the second half of pregnancy, may create stains inside the tooth structure. These kinds of stains may not respond to teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening in Pointe-Claire West Island

At Pointe-Claire Dental we offer at-home teeth whitening treatment supervised by our dentist and dental hygienists. A dental exam is required before the start of a whitening procedure. Dr. Mauricio Galvis, Pointe Claire dentist, will evaluate your overall dental health and diagnose if cavities are present in order to determine if you are a candidate for whitening.

A dental cleaning is also recommended before a whitening procedure to remove plaque, tartar and stains. This will allow for better results. After the above is completed, the whitening procedure can start.

At-home supervised teeth whitening

Unlike the over-the-counter treatments, our at-home whitening is supervised by us for a two-week period to ensure that you are following the directions provided, the customized trays are fitting properly and to verify how your whitening is progressing. At-home whitening is simple, fast and effective.                                    

Once your teeth have been prepared, we will make upper and lower dental impressions to build your custom trays. A custom-fitted whitening tray will ensure that every angle of your teeth receives similar coverage, eliminating the possibility of inconsistencies and delivering a beautiful smile.

At the second appointment, photos of your teeth will be taken along with the initial shade of your enamel. This will enable us to measure the progression and success of your whitening.

Since the trays are custom-made, you can easily purchase additional gel syringes to boost your whitening for years to come!

Give yourself a new bright smile with our convenient supervised dental teeth whitening. Book your appointment now!

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