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Do you think you may have an infection or a broken tooth? Are you in pain? Did you lose a filling, a crown or a veneer? It's a dental emergency! Contact us. Quick appointments to see a West Island emergency dentist are available.

At Pointe-Claire Dental West Island, you will get a dental emergency appointment as soon as possible to ensure you get the dental care you need, when you need it most.

Some dental problems cause great discomfort and can even lead to complications in the absence of adequate care. Dental emergencies such as accidents involving your teeth or mouth, toothache, bleeding, infections and swelling need immediate attention to improve the chance of saving the tooth and preventing infections from occurring or becoming more serious.

Should you experience a dental emergency,  please complete the form below. We will contact you promptly to book your appointment.

Until you can be seen by a dentist, here are some recommendations to follow in case of some of the most common dental emergencies.  


Call your dentist immediately, explain your symptoms so he can determine whether you need to be seen at the clinic or it can be managed through a prescription.

While waiting to see the dentist:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water and floss to remove any food debris.
  • You can take over-the-counter pain medication that is appropriate for you but do not put the pill directly on your aching tooth.
  • If there is swelling, place a cold compress or an ice pack on your face next to the sore spot (never use heat).

Chipped/cracked or broken tooth

It is often possible to save a broken tooth, so keep any pieces you can.

  • Rinse your mouth and the pieces with warm water.
  • If the crack or chip is minimal and there is no soft tissue trauma and no pain, do not panic but be cautious about eating hard to bite and chew foods or any that are very hot.
  • Use over-the-counter pain medication as needed and seek prompt dental attention.

  • In the case of a severely broken tooth, you should call the dentist immediately and explain your situation.
  • If you are bleeding, apply some gauze on the area for approximately 10 minutes or until it stops.
  • Apply a cold compress to the cheek near the broken tooth to prevent swelling and ease the pain. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help with the discomfort.

Knocked out tooth

If your tooth is permanent (adult) it may be saved but you must act very quickly.

  • Pick up the tooth by the top only (the crown). NEVER hold the tooth by its roots.
  • If your tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with water, do not use any product on it and do not scrub or dry it.
  • Do not wrap it in a tissue or cloth.
  • Try to put it back in its socket. If you are unable to do so, place it in milk or in your mouth between your cheek and gums (do not use water).
  • Be sure to keep it moist at all times.
  • Go to the nearest dentist if yours is unavailable right away or too far from where you are.

If your tooth can be replaced within 10 minutes to 1 hour, there is a fair chance that it may be saved and rooted again.

Bitten lips, cheeks or tongue

You can accidentally bite your lip, cheek or tongue while eating, as a result of a fall or after local anesthetic. Also, if a numb cheek or lip is sucked, bitten or rubbed, it can be damaged without you realizing it. The area may be very sore and swelling and infection can occur.

  • Use a clean piece of gauze to press on the part of your mouth that is bleeding.
  • If there is swelling, place an ice pack on your lip.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to promote healing.
  • Seek treatment if an infection occurs.

Object caught between teeth

  • Use dental floss very gently and carefully to remove the object.
  • If you are unable to do so, see the dentist.
  • Never use a sharp object or a pin because you might injure your gums or scratch the enamel off your tooth.

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