Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF®)

At Pointe-Claire Dental Clinic, Dr. Mauricio Galvis offers plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF®) technology to help your body recover more efficiently and effectively from oral surgery.

PRGF®is a biomedical technology based on the activation of the patient’s own growth factors and other proteins present in the blood plasma, aimed at stimulating and accelerating the healing and regeneration process of new bone and tissue. 

What are growth factors?

Growth factors are a group of proteins present in the plasma and in the platelets in our blood that play an essential role in the processes of repair and regeneration of tissues. They can be regarded as the messages the body uses to tell cells when they need to grow, differentiate or move to repair an injury.”

What does PRGF involve? 

If you are a good candidate and opt for PRGF®, Dr. Galvis will start the procedure by extracting a small amount of your blood. He will then place it in a centrifuge to isolate the plasma rich in growth factors from other components. This process takes about an hour. 

Once this is done, Dr Galvis will perform your oral surgery and introduce the PRGF® to the surgical site.  After your surgery, this enriched plasma will provide important proteins and compounds to your tissue, accelerating healing and stimulating regeneration. Since it is made from your own blood, your body should be able to use PRGF® to accelerate your natural recovery processes.

Dr. Galvis was trained on the PRGF® technology at the Biotechnology Institute in Spain. He regularly participates in continuing education seminars and courses to keep abreast of new technologies and techniques. 

In dentistry, PRGF® is used for bone grafting in preparation for dental implants, repair of bone defects after extraction of teeth as well as gum grafts

PRGF® leads to faster healing, as it supports the regeneration of tissues and bones, reduces the risk for infections, complications and post-surgery discomfort, and is time and cost effective since it is done in the dentist’s office.  This process is a way to amplify the body’s own natural healing process.

To learn more about plasma rich in growth factors or find out if you may be a candidate for this treatment, contact Pointe-Claire Dental today for a consultation with Dr. Galvis.

PRGF is a registered trademark of Biotechnology Institute, S.L.

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